“The world is CHANGED BY your EXAMPLE, NOT BY your OPINION. ” – Mother Teresa

As the founder of an organisation that gives students and young adults the opportunity to give back to there community. I myself must be the change I want to see in my nation by being an example, Not by stating my opinion but by showing my need for change.

On Saturday July 07, 2018, After having the chance to go on one project with For Jamaica in June. Prior arrangements almost every Saturday and work  since I had started this organisation has stopped me from really giving my time to my community. I decided  this finally free Saturday would go to volunteerism. So I gathered two students, who were very happy and eager to come to the Bethsalem Home for the Aged with me to do so on short notice.

To say it was  fun and fulfilling is an understatement. It was such a heartwarming experience to sit and talk with the elderly persons while combing their hair and doing nails. I felt so happy inside just doing it. I feel like words cannot even describe what it felt like. I can only try to put it in words for you how content I had felt.

These young ladies looked so happy to just be doing something so helpful and for that I am extremely proud of them.








These were their reviews :

“I would just like to say a big thank you to outreach outlet for a great time at the Bethsalem Home for the elderly. I heard about this home through them and was able to give back as they bridged the gap between a willing volunteer and the persons who needed it most. I had an excellent time combing the ladies hair and learning about their lives. Thanks again for the opportunity! I look forward to working with you all again soon.” — Abigail Bernard( Right ) 

My visit to the home for the elderly, with Outreach Outlet Jamaica, was a humbling experience. Usually, I volunteer at centers to help children; making this a first. Before the visit I was uneasy and did not know what to expect, however, my nerves were calmed by the welcoming smiles of the elderly. Overall, I had an amazing day interacting and bonding with the elders, as stories, experiences and (countless) laughs were exchanged. I hope to return soon, and would definitely encourage others to visit! — Stephanie Barnes(Left) 

These young ladies are so thoughtful giving their Saturday to doing such a worthy thing. You are leading by example and are becoming the change we want to see in the world and for that we thank you.



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