“The greatest thing you can give to someone is your time,because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back “- Unknown

On Saturday June 21,2018 our founder and two students went to the Faydene Methodist Home for the Aged

It was an experience I will never forget . “The greatest thing you can give is your time..” never reign more true in this situation. I got the chance to sit and have such a wondeful conversation with this elderly lady and it was such a beneficial learning experince. We laughed and talked and sometimes we just sat in silence and enjoyed the breeze.It was just a state of peaceful happiness.

What really touched me was after us taking a walk to her room and back outside she said to me

” You know your such a wonerful child , blessings be on to you ” and I said

 “Thank you but Why ?”

She said ” You are so patient , you listen and just sit with me. Many people pass and say hi but never really stop to really have a conversation with me “

Volunteerism is not just about going and do work at these homes and playing with children and then leaving and forgetting. Its also  learning experinces and life changing personal development. I beleive that we are to spend as much time as we possibly can give with persons who are in homes wether they be children or elderly persons because all someone needs sometimes is a person to just listen and be an ear or just sit in silence and spend time with them.


I want to thank these two girls who asked to come on another visit and just spent time with the elderly. You are amazing young women. You are showing the world your example so that they may follow and we are proud of your wilingness and your selflessness. Thank your for “giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.” to a worthy initiative.

Time is such a precious commodity that we as young people tend to squander doing meaningless things. Give a portion of your life today to transforming the world because you will never get it back………..

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