Organizations and Homes

Children’s Homes

1.Jamaica National Children’s Home

2. Church of God Girl’s Home

3. My Father’s House ( Disabilities)

4. Missionaries of the poor

5. Jamaica National Children’s Home, Tegwin Unit( Disabilities)

6. Sophie’s Place

7. The Nest ( Under renovation until September )

8. Elsie Bernard ( Disabilities Home )

9. Little Jerusalem

10. Jamaica Christian ( Boys Home )


Senior Citizen

  1. Bethsalem Home for the Aged
  2.  JBU Horizon Home for the Aged
  3. . Safe Haven Home For The Aged
  4. . Dallance Nursing Home
  5. . Harrison Memorial Home for the Aged
  6. Ozanam Home for the Aged
  7. Brookdale Nursing Home
  8. Ebenezer and Paul Old Age Home
  9. Hillcrest Retirement Home
  10. Safe Haven Home for the Aged



Noah’s Ark Veterinary Clinic

Animal Care Veterinary Hospital




Nature Preservation Foundation


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